Employees prefer mobile devices over desk phones

    Cloud computing and mobility are helping employees use a number of devices from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. Rather than work with traditional desk phones, more than half of workers surveyed by a cloud voice services vendor found that conduct calls on mobile products than office phones.

    In the U.K., in particular, employees asserted their jobs require them to take phone calls at all times. Nearly 70 percent of workers polled said they have taken calls in cafes, 58 percent have done so in restaurants and 46 percent in bars. Nearly 20 percent of respondents have made calls at wedding receptions and 11 percent while golfing.


    Technology has made it possible for people to work from anywhere, including the comfort of their homes. The vendor said that more than 20 percent of employees work from home at least once a week, with nearly 70 percent of these workers saying they use their mobile devices instead of their home phones.


    "Business is mobile these days so people need to be available - and have more access to information - when needed," the vendor's CEO Neil Hammerton explained. "This is why we advise firms to have measures in place like mobile call recording and integration with CRM systems. Calls need to be logged, archived and available for reporting and analytics, so that key business information isn't lost."


    Unified communications supports mobile workforce


    Organizations with unified communications in place not only can upgrade their IT infrastructure, but support employees who now need greater mobility and use different devices and operating systems. Smallbiztechnology.com recently highlighted the benefits of UC solutions, especially for small businesses that do not have the resources of larger firms.


    "With UC, you can integrate mobile apps for the iPhone, Android, and/or Blackberry with your phone system," the news provider explained. "This includes calling from a mobile device as if it were your office phone and allowing access to company phone directories. This also lets you stay in touch with your staff out in the field through conferencing features, and it even allows you to monitor as well."


    In addition to its cost-efficiency, small businesses with unified communications in place can also make life easier for customers who are calling or using multiple communication channels, the report said.