Enabling ubiquitous communications from the cloud through ShoreTel Sky

    The communication needs of people and businesses have evolved over time. The underlying technology that is used to fulfill the needs of enterprises has also changed significantly from plain old telephone (POTS) copper lines to ISDN circuits to DSL Lines and T1s. On one hand, business VoIP users have increased the different modes of communication from phones, instant messaging clients on computers to smart mobile phones and tablet PCs, while on the other hand businesses are in need of reducing the cost of supporting all these modes of communication. The workforce today is very dynamic and by being able to communicate when they want, where they want and how they want, people are able to be successful and increase productivity to new levels.

    There has been a rapid shift with the number of devices in the market today. Gone are the days of wired phones and desktops. Businesses today support many forms of devices including PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones. The lines between personal and business are blending. Employees prefer to use a single device to handle all of their communication needs. Businesses today have to provide flexible options to support an employee who wishes to use his own device, which provides a better overall experience. IT organizations have to be flexible to support this shift in the industry while keeping up with the pace. Business communication today involves not only voice, but also integration with a variety of other businesses and tools for getting the services needed to improve productivity. Business requires a tighter integration with sales processes and CRM systems to get better results. By increasing the automation of these key business processes, enterprise users can be highly productive. Cloud-based applications are used by everyone today as information and services can be available without being tied to a specific hardware or location.

    Enterprises today are in need of a consistent service and user experience when it comes to their business phones. They require services to be available when they need them and also be scalable based on the call volume and requirement at any particular time. More enterprises are concerned with quality of services being provided and not so concerned about whether they are coming from the premises or are hosted from the cloud. Enterprise users are mobile and there is a strong need to be able to reach the user whether they are in the office, working from home or even on an airplane. Mobile devices are becoming more and more powerful and fill the need for providing business communications while freeing the desktop user to work from anywhere. Even with these needs, the quality and overall user experience cannot be compromised.

    ShoreTel Sky Cloud Phone Service

    ShoreTel Sky provides all the tools necessary for satisfying the communication needs of the business user today. ShoreTel Sky provides the capability for enterprises to allow users to bring their own devices (BYOD) and still be able to access enterprise features when they need them. Mobility clients are available for the different flavors of smart phones, whether iOS or Android. Business users have the ability to change the mode from a business call to a private call using the same client. ShoreTel Sky is a completely managed solution from the cloud which alleviates some of the challenges experienced by IT staff in handling the day-to-day maintenance of infrastructure, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives.

    Cloud-based applications and services have proven to increase productivity levels, and by using ShoreTel Sky, businesses can leverage the benefits of cloud while enjoying the rich collaboration tools for their day-to-day business communications. ShoreTel Sky can maximize CRM investments by integrating with some of the industry-leading CRM tools like Salesforce to provide critical business information throughout the sales, support and marketing processes.  ShoreTel’s fully managed solution allows enterprises to focus on their core competency and their strategic needs. Moreover, some of the challenges with respect to a natural disaster that can affect premises-based solutions do not affect the cloud-based solutions. The ShoreTel Sky service is fully managed and completely virtualized from the cloud and can easily accommodate the elastic needs of any size corporation.

    ShoreTel Sky Devices

    The ShoreTel Sky Mobility client provides a consistent experience for business users exactly like what they would experience if they were sitting at their office desk. The phone system is critical to businesses and ShoreTel Sky Mobility can ensure your workforce is fully connected with all the necessary enterprise-class phone capabilities to complete their work from anywhere. The ShoreTel Dock turns the smartphone into a desk phone at the office. Some of the critical features like extension dialing, transfer, conferencing, call hold/retrieve, DND and corporate directory search are available at your fingertips through the new mobile client. With the advent of BYOD it is very important to give the flexibility to the business user to separate personal and business communications. ShoreTel Sky Mobility clients support two personas on a single device – by toggling between personal and business mode, the user can ensure the enterprise number is sent to the business contact and ensures the private number remains private. ShoreTel Sky supports the new 400 series IP Phones. The SIP-based ShoreTel 400 series phones are available in three models, all with superior sound quality and an array of standard features. ShoreTel provides our own IP phones with our own integrated applications, along with award-winning service and support and comprehensive implementation service from a dedicated account team to provide the best possible end-to-end experience.

    ShoreTel Professional Services

    UCAAS IMageIf there are unique business requirements, ShoreTel professional services can provide customized solutions to address the needs. Professional services give access to network engineering and application development teams. These services can also help drive down costs for the custom solutions needed.

    Even though the number of modes and devices have changed over the years, the communication needs of people and businesses remain the same. Business users need to communicate and stay in touch to be productive and have a consistent experience from anywhere. ShoreTel Sky provides these capabilities and more, and allows businesses to be tightly integrated with people and processes, ensuring higher levels of productivity and success.

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