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Mitel Next Recap: Mitel Performance Analytics


Today, campus environments are more complex than ever. If that weren’t enough, today’s consumers and workers expect the latest and greatest technology, especially if they’re millennials. Whether you’re talking about a higher education campus or a large enterprise campus, both campuses want to seamlessly blend wireless environments; provide professional grade voice, video and collaboration capabilities; and provide real-time communications for their consumers and workers.

At Mitel Next, Mitel’s Enterprise Division President, Graham Bevington, examined the importance of making large campus communications even more intelligent and capable. To make real-time communications more intelligent with advanced monitoring and analytics, we’ve created Mitel Performance Analytics. It proactively detects and addresses performance problems before they impact users by offering real-time views of the network topography and instantly alerting to speed up problem resolution.

Performance management and analytics have become a strategic requirement for business communications. Monitoring and managing performance offers a better user experience, less downtime, and decreases support costs. And with Mitel Performance Analytics, you can monitor, manage and deliver advanced performance analytics for any kind of campus.

Some top benefits of Mitel Performance Analytics:

  • Proactively detect and address performance problems before they impact users
  • Get real-time views of network topology and alerts ​
  • Drive service quality for higher adoption and better business outcomes.


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