Enterprise Connect – an Opportunity for Real-Time Conferencing and Collaboration

    The type of technology preferred by people is the one that is simple to use and makes life easier. Because we all have other focal points in our lives we’re likely stressing over – how to communicate a solution should definitely not be one.

    ShoreTel Mobility now turns the iPad into a UC endpoint, further enabling the devices employees already use and love, while enhancing business productivity for IT professionals and end users. And with ShoreTel Conferencing for iOS, you can stay connected to your conference independent of your location – staying engaged whether on the road or working from home.

    Or more simply for me – my current love affair with my iPad. Especially on a business trip! No matter how light today’s laptops are, it’s a lot easier to find a coveted seat just outside the conference hall and get some work done (phone calls included) on my sleek iDevice.

    ShoreTel Conferencing for iOS empowers all users with real time collaboration via a mobile interface – on iOS (iPhone & iPad). Conferencing is universally accessible – no longer tying you to a desktop or laptop.

    This came in rather handy during the Enterprise Connect conference in Orlando, Fla. last week, when I received an urgent request to drive a presentation at the last minute. I looked around at the hustle and bustle of busy conference crowds, looked down at the sole item in my hand – my iPad.

    No problem, I responded to the request moments later. And my personal favorite part – ShoreTel Conferencing and ShoreTel Mobility can work alongside one another on any network.

    Users were connected to the impromptu meeting invitation within three seconds. I clicked my ShoreTel conference app and booted up my saved presentation to share. It made no difference that I was sitting in a lobby lounge chair, sharing the ShoreTel story from the other side of the country, before heading back to demo the very same solution to conference attendees.

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