Enterprise Empowerment through ShoreTel Sky for Salesforce

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems serve as a repository and management instrument to help sales and service representatives achieve their targets. Phone systems are crucial for sales and service to generate information that drives revenue and customer loyalty. Salesforce.com is the most popular CRM system today; ShoreTel Sky for Salesforce integration immediately increases sales effectiveness and supports productivity while elevating the overall customer relationship management experience to very high levels.

    The click-to-dial feature enables Salesforce to dial leads and opportunities and have sales call notes automatically tied to them. This feature is also very handy for staff from other functions within a business, who can now dial directly from the CRM and add notes or records from the call.

    Other traditional features like Answer, Ignore, Hold/Resume and Recent calls are also available. Screen pops is an interesting feature that can tie phone numbers with key customer information. For example, marketing phone numbers can be tied to campaigns and can present staff with a screen pop on what campaign was dialed.

    Business SMS is can be integrated with ShoreTel Sky for Salesforce application, allowing users to send and receive SMS messages using their ShoreTel Sky business phone number. SMS contact records can also be part of screen pop. Additionally, SMS messages can be tracked using the 20/20 reporting feature.

    There is always a need to review the resulting communication transaction details. 20/20 reporting imports offline calls, SMS messages and voicemail transcriptions. Records are automatically matched with contacts and leads. Manual searching ability is also available with this feature.

    ShoreTel Sky for Salesforce and ShoreTel Sky Contact Center integration provides users with the capability to perform unified login and control their global availability states via drop-down menus. Finally the integration of ShoreTel Sky Scribe with voicemail enables users to import their voicemail transcriptions in real time.

    Time is money and sales teams are always on the move to close deals and meet targets. On the other hand, service is a very important function requiring reliable telephony service. For both roles, a quick response is absolutely essential to reach the customer and solve their issues. By integrating computer telephony with Salesforce, some of the very important features empower the users to unlock their full potential.

    The integration helps different functional teams like sales, contact center agents, marketers, all while providing the organization with a more effective method of collaboration in order to achieve better business results.