Enterprise Features: The Difference Between Managed and Hosted VoIP

    M5 is one of the largest specialized hosted VoIP companies on the market. Today, I’ll be interviewing M5 CEO Dan Hoffman about some of the latest trends in Managed VoIP and Hosted VoIP.

    What is the difference between Managed and Hosted VoIP? I hear these terms thrown around a lot, and there seems to be some confusion.

    Hosted emphasizes the location of the brains of the phone system – in a high-end datacenter instead of an office premise. This usually means that may businesses can share the cost of high-end infrastructure.

    Managed usually refers to a service provider running a company’s existing phone system better than they could themselves. However, M5 noticed that businesses really want both – inexpensive access to a high-end phone system and quality-guaranteed network that experts run for them. That’s why we call our service Managed, Hosted VoIP.

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