Even Equine Dentists can use Social Media to Attract Sales

    Social media can truly be used for nearly any marketing purpose, and this article by Rick Burnes over at Mashable proves it. Although social media can certainly be employed to reach large audiences, much of its value also rests with its ability to get through to very specific niches of customers, and therein lies its usefulness to small, specialized businesses. Even if you only reach 100 potential customers, chances are those niche customers will be very interested. It even works for equine dentists!

    5 Surprising Social Media Success Stories

    Chances are, most of the businesses you interact with as a consumer are on social media. Your local restaurant is blogging, your grocery store is on Twitter (Twitter) — even your favorite candy is on Facebook (Facebook). Companies in mainstream, consumer-facing industries are all over social media.

    But how about other businesses? Manufacturers? B2B service providers? Equine dentists? Are they experimenting with social media?

    You bet. Follow the link to see five unexpected success stories, all at different stages oftheir experiments, and all indicating the breadth of business use of social media.

    via 5 Surprising Social Media Business Success Stories. Posted by Rick Burnes.