Everyone Will Get It Eventually

    That is our wish for the enterprise…that everyone will get ShoreTel eventually.

    Why? Well, there is the selfish reason of course (market share and stock price) but the other reason is we want companies to have a communications solution that will work for them, not the other way around. 

    ShoreTel is different, very different from the other solutions that are on the market today. This difference comes through when you talk with any of our customers – they get it and they love it. They live this difference every day and why shouldn’t all others get this business-benefiting different too.

    The difference goes right to the core of ShoreTel. Because we built the solution from scratch, without legacy to contend with or acquired technology to glue together, we had the opportunity to do it right. And by right, we mean, making it easy for the IT professional and the end users to leverage and apply the solution in their day to day business. It is this ease that drives the cost out. When a solution is truly a solution and not another layer of complexity, it will save the enterprise money – not cost them more to keep running.

    There are other unique benefits that fall out of ShoreTel’s built from scratch advantage and one of those is the plug-n-play scalability. Our solution grows with the enterprise. Our strategy is not to make money by building different product SKUs based on business size so you have to rip and replace as you grow. Our strategy was and remains today, to build one solution that grows with you so your capital investment is always protected.

    Selling complexity is big business today but that is NOT the business ShoreTel is in. Our customers see this fundamental difference and our hope is that everyone else will get it eventually too!

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