The evolution of unified communications encourages a push toward the cloud

    Telecommunications, specifically unified communications and cloud-based services, have come a long way since Centrex desk phones. According to Jay Brandstadter at Unified Communications Strategies, cloud VoIP and UC are not new concepts, but the sudden surge in adoption is a sign of a re-emphasis on centralized computing and hosted solutions.

    Brandstadter states that while cloud communications offers different benefits than premise-based solutions, the same basic features will drive a business to whichever service is faster, better, less expensive and fits in with its communication needs. Cloud alternatives support modern trends like mobility and bring-your-own device better, but should a business focus on these innovations? According to Brandstadter, yes.


    Cloud-based UC provides for more flexibility and potential for user customization than premise-based solutions. Additionally, a hosted UC service is easier to integrate into other communication systems, such as VoIP PBX and other contact center technology. According to Brandstadter, the cloud also provides a push toward further innovation as well. By embracing the cloud, a business can prepare for future evolution of telecommunications, such as improved video chat solutions.



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