Extended hours and new hires improve contact centers

    Contact centers represent the nexus of customer service for many organizations, offering tailored support to callers with inquiries, comments, complaints and suggestions. In today's technologically connected world, it's important that companies prioritize the quality of their contact centers. By implementing the newest technology and adjusting to changes in the market, contact centers can see greater success in customer satisfaction

    Vectren's call center hours

    According to Banner Graphic, Vectren, a natural gas distributor based in Indiana, has extended its contact center hours to accommodate the industry's busiest month. In October, customers are gearing up to deploy heating systems and want to be able to contact companies like Vectren.


    Vectren's call center is usually open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, but will now be open Saturdays as well.


    "It is important to increase our flexibility during this busy season," Brad Ellsworth, president of Vectren Energy Delivery North, told Banner Graphic."As we prepare to enter the heating season, we often see higher than normal call volumes during regular business hours and are offering the seasonal Saturday hours as a benefit to our customers."


    Vectren has recognized the need for increased customer service, making changes accordingly.


    Royal Caribbean hiring for its call center

    Not only are some companies extending their hours to better accommodate clients and customers, but they're also expanding their facilities. According to the Register Guard, Royal Caribbean is now hiring for 140 positions at its Springfield, Oregon, facility. The new cruise representative positions are for those who support travel agents.


    Rita Stolze, director of trade support and service at Royal Caribbean, told the news source the current 522-employee call center is expected to grow, reaching 900 in the next few years.


    According to the Register Guard, a number of employees left the call center in Wichita, Kansas, to help with the expansion of the Springfield facility.


    "The focus is on the growth at this location," Stolze told the news source. "So we needed some senior leadership representation at this point ... and it made sense for me to come out here."


    Both extended hours and new hires can enable contact centers to provide positive customer service experiences. The perks can positively influence staff as well, as new positions open up in a tight job market.



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