Facebook Meets A-Rod, OJ and Bill Clinton: It's a Sad, Sorry State Of Affairs

    Facebook doesn't know it yet, but it's standing on the precipice of defeat. It is straddling 150 million registered users on one side and extinction on the other. In the new millennium, the old corporate axiom "my way or the highway," no longer works for consumers.

    The trust of it's customer base is the most significant and essential asset a company can own. It's more valuable than the combined worth of a company's intellectual property, real estate, and current stock of inventory. Without loyal customers, no company can be a success.

    That said, the recent changes made to the TOS by Facebook and the resulting strange wafflings of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has users and bloggers everywhere up in arms.

    The most recent press releases issued by Facebook are reminiscent of Alex Rodriguez's public acknowledgment and concurrent explanation of his steroid use. You want to believe him, but after hearing his story, it simply makes NO sense. It's akin to Bill Clinton trying to convince us that he and Monica Lewinsky didn't really engage in sex per se, and oh by the way O.J. was Wronfully Accused. Nobody's buying it.

    I think the blogosphere at large and Facebook users everywhere agree that something just isn't right. They are holding back information regarding what caused the sudden shift in terms… and Zuckerberg's back pedaling is making the situation much worse.

    Legal mumbo jumbo doesn't connect with core Facebook users and does precious little to address the issues of ownership.

    Why doesn't Facebook take the high ground and publish a consumer promise?

    FACEBOOK, we want something like this;

    1.Facebook agrees to never use any user's content for shameless corporate promotion or for any commercial purpose what-so-ever.

    2.Facebook agrees that when a user deletes an account that information is no longer a part of the face book community. Posts and emails made and sent by said users will remain a part of the community.

    These two additions to the TOS would be fair, honest and help restore trust.

    The reason for the up roar is no one grasps the sudden reason for the change, because there has been no satisfactory explanation whatsoever. The more they quibble, the fishier it seems. I think many of us are waiting for our information to be used by Facebook in some commercial way, which although isn't a violation of the TOS, is certainly a violation of the trust and conduct expected of the community.

    People use Facebook to connect with friends and family, extend business relationships and generally goof off and have fun.

    Facebook had better put this behind us all quickly, or we will find a better place to hang out.

    written by Anthony L. Butler

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