Facing a Cisco Call Manager Upgrade?

    Upgrading your Cisco Call Manager phone system to the latest version is no small task.  For many companies the transition involves significant hardware expense and IT resource investment.  Users of an older version of Call Manager must take action or risk losing support.

    Lately, I’ve noticed that more and more former Cisco Call Manager customers are are turning to us for a cloud-based phone solution that provides all of the benefits of Cisco Call Manager without a painful upgrade.

    Here are some of the reasons they have given me:

    • Clients facing a Cisco Call Manger upgrade also face a significant hardware upgrade with a large capital expense.
    • Upgrading Cisco Call Manager does not eliminate costly Cisco Smartnet maintenance fees on the Call Manager and Phones.
    • There’s no telling how much the next Call Manager upgrade will cost.

    M5 offers Cisco Call Manager customers a free business impact assessment that will help determine if moving to a cloud based solution will allow you to meet your needs, keep your hardware and avoid capital expense.   I’d like to invite you to  register today for your no-obligation assessment.


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