Fan of the Month Chat – Oral Roberts University

    With Spring break upon us in the U.S., we’d like to congratulate our ShoreTel Fan-of-the-Month for March 2015, Michael Mathews, CIO at Oral Roberts University based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    Thanks to our partner Peak Up Time, Oral Roberts University is one of our most valued customers who has been using ShoreTel VoIP solutions for many years.

    About Oral Roberts University

    Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA), Oral Roberts University is a private institution founded in 1963. It has approximately 3,400 students and 700 faculty/ staff members from 85 different countries. It is ranked 46th amongst the best colleges in the West region according to U.S. News and World Report.

    How did you become a ShoreTel customer?

    With 3,400 students and 700 faculty/ staff members from 85 countries, we were in the market for a high quality, intuitive VoIP solution. Our IT team evaluated Cisco, Avaya, Toshiba and ShoreTel IP phones and it became clear that the ShoreTel phone was a superior product that allows people to easily communicate with each other.

    How did your users react?

    Our users are particularly impressed with the ability to make and receive calls from their PC, as well as on the phone itself, the address book, easy look up, and the voicemail functionality. All ages love it. When visitors pick up the phone they see that the address book is organized by first name, which is uncommon. Since we have so many different countries represented, imagine trying to spell somebody’s last name.  With listings on first name basis, it’s extremely easy to scroll down and see the phone number.

    What impressed you most about ShoreTel?

    The quality is as good as any phone system we’ve ever had. When I say quality, it’s not just the voice quality; it’s the quality of how the phone interacts with our instant messaging system and allows multiple interactions with the computer, headsets, and other devices. The mere fact that ShoreTel operates flawlessly and so intuitively saves me at least 500 working hours a year. That’s time I can invest in innovative projects, not explaining how a phone works.

    What advice would you give another university considering ShoreTel?

    If another CIO called and asked me what system I would recommend, I’d say that we’re very happy with ShoreTel.  I’d advise them to go through the evaluation process, but I believe they would come to the same conclusion we did. Everything about ShoreTel is uncomplicated and that’s what makes your life as a CIO or IT professional easier.

    What value did your partner, Peak UpTime, add?

     We’re very pleased with our vendor, Peak UpTime, which was instrumental in helping us implement the solution and we appreciate the value that it added on top of the support from ShoreTel.