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The Mygrant Glass Company is one of America’s largest independent wholesale distributors of auto replacement glass as well as bus and RV windshields. Started in 1926 and headquartered in Hayward, Calif., Mygrant Glass has more than 50 warehouses across the country that stock and distribute an extensive inventory of OEM and generic products.

The Cisco telephone systems across Mygrant Glass Company locations were difficult and expensive to use and manage. The conference call program was inflexible and limited, performing moves, adds and changes were slow and complex, and maintenance and installation costs were mounting.

Mygrant Glass Company wanted to improve flexibility and cost efficiencies, and provide enhanced user features to boost productivity and collaboration. The Cisco system was displaced with a ShoreTel UC Solution including ShoreTel Communicator with Mobile Access.

The benefits Mygrant Glass has seen from implementing ShoreTel include:

  • Lower operating costs, with easy in-house installations and significantly faster MACs
  • Flexible, on-demand conference call management and expanded collaboration tools
  • Worry-free reliability with robust uptime, even during major outage, to remain connected to customers and continue generating revenue

“Without communication capabilities, we lose customer sales. Our customers are all repeat business. If they can’t get a hold of us, we lose business.”

- Daniel Parkinson, IT Director, Mygrant Glass Company



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