Fear Versus Love

    You’ve heard the old adage, “no one ever got fired for buying IBM.”

    But is fear the right way to make decisions in business today? Do you buy something because it comes with a big brand name and the assumption that “well-known,” is synonymous with “safe bet”?

    Or do you decide to buy something because it makes your business better, adding value not just easing fear.

    The organizations and the IT decision makers who buy ShoreTel are a different bred.

    They don’t run on fear, they run on inspiration. They are in search of the solutions that will make a difference for their company – they are leaders not followers. They want to empower their workers and free up their IT teams to take on business-building projects not manage complex technology that is supposed to be a “solution”!

    They want unified communications and collaboration tools that just work and that users love so they can drive the business forward not just keep it running.

    In the past, big brands have benefited from their “brand halo” (or should we re-label it “horns”) but as the economy gets tougher and employers are challenged to do more with less.

    These big brands have to do more than just be big (and scary).

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