Feature Teacher: Contact Center (Tip #1)

    Personal Agent Queues

    How often have you had the need for some or maybe even all of your agents to have their personal queue. It could be for scenarios where you want to route the call from a customer to an agent that last answered the call. It could be for agents to cherry pick a high priority call while on an existing call. For sales oriented call centers it could be for a sales representative to give their direct numbers to clients but still treat those calls as ACD when the client calls.

    Contact Center 7 introduces personal agent queues such that supervisors can setup a voice queue for every agent with a single click.

    Agents can answer a call from queue while pushing their existing call to their personal queue with a single click. This could be used for higher priority calls or even a call that the agent has answered previously. Agents can also move calls in queue directly to their personal queue. Agents can now transfer calls to another agents personal queue further increasing customer satisfaction by sending a call to an agent that has some history of interaction with that customer.

    Supervisors can monitor all the agent queue activity from both real time reports as well as historical reports. Supervisors can generate reports that display how often a call had be re-queued into personal queues by the agent.

    Calls can be routed to personal agent queues directly from graphical call control scripts. This is extremely useful in scenarios where database dips needs to be done to route the call to a specific agent (such as routing to a last agent that answered the previous customer engagement).

    *This is part of a weekly series profiling the latest and greatest features in the ShoreTel solution.

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