Feature Teacher: Contact Center (Tip #3)

    New Reporting Capabilities

    Contact Center 7 now supports two years of retention of statistical and interaction reports. This allows managers to create year-over-year trend reports while also meeting the requirements for longer archival. This has been often requested by our financial and healthcare customers as an archival requirement (ask and ye shall receive).

    We have also increased the limits in current reporting

    1. Report on 400 agents in a single report (current limit is 100) – this is extremely useful for WFM integration.
    2. Report on 400 groups in a single report (current limit is 20) – again useful for WFM integration
    3. Report on 400 DNIS in a single report (current limit is 20)
    4. Also increases the limits to all combinations DNIS agent, DNIS group, Group Agent etc to 400 each.

    Scalability Improvements

    Contact Center 7 also now supports one hundred (100) concurrent supervisors and 1,000 configured supervisors supporting the needs of large call centers. This increased from the original 60 concurrent supervisors in CC6.

    Bonus: Did you know that upgrades for agent, supervisor and server software in ECC does not require a reboot of the system. It really is Brilliantly Simple.

    New Diagnostic Tool

    Contact Center 7 introduces a powerful diagnostic tool for contact center super administrators and support staff. The diagnostic tool provides snapshots of how resources are being used in the system such as agents, supervisors and IVR ports. It shows snapshots of all the current calls and scheduled callbacks in the system. This allows administrators to delete unwanted callbacks from the system. The tool also provides detailed views of the external database connections such as those into CRM, ticketing or any other customer systems.

    Callback information including scheduled, abandoned or Web callbacks is displayed in the console. Administrators can delete callbacks if they choose to through this interface.

    All database connections from the Contact Center are also displayed in the console and allow administrators to see the details of the connections. Information such as the last query executed enables administrators to trace queries through the scripts and troubleshoot links to business process applications.


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