Finally, Measure Marketing Campaign Success

    The old saying goes, “Half my marketing budget is wasted, I just don’t know which half.”  Quantifying the success of marketing campaigns has long been a challenge for business. The analytics available when prospects interact through online activities has given marketers a taste of what it is like to have campaign specific results.  But, what happens when a prospect calls instead of clicks?

    We recommend campaign specific phone numbers, tied to an intelligent reporting solution like, M5’s Campaign Director.  Dial-in results from each campaign can then be displayed in an easy to use dashboard for real-time actionable intelligence.

    Track “Call-Throughs” just like “Click-Throughs”

    Campaign Director gives marketers the information needed to make adjustments immediately to advertising placement or message. Armed with metrics, decisions can be made based on facts, not guesses.

    Finally achieve closed-loop marketing

    • Track the ROI on each campaign
    • Modify or eliminate ineffective placements
    • Route inbound calls to the right staff
    • Actively monitor campaigns in real time
    • Integrate with M5 Contact Center for high volume campaigns

    Marketing campaigns are a great example of a time when the information about the phone call is as important as the phone call itself.  If you don’t have a solution for tracking calls to specific marketing efforts, you may very well be wasting half of your advertising budget or more.

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