Flexibility key in business telephony systems

    For companies considering investments in a new phone system, deploying a solution that is flexible in technical and tangible settings is essential, according to a recent Brunei FM report.

    The news source explained that on the technical side, PBX infrastructure has become the dominant solution when it comes to business phone services. The technology not only provides reliable, high-performance communication, but also does so in a cost-effective model. Increasingly, businesses are turning to IP-based and cloud PBX systems to reduce expenses and provide flexibility.

    Hosted PBX systems are especially valuable to this end, as the technology can be housed at a third-party site.

    When it comes to tangible flexibility, the report said organizations need to consider cord length and headphone/microphone input/output jacks. How the phone is mounted to a desk or wall also should be accounted for.

    In most instances, the cloud can offer flexibility and cost-efficiency that other telephony systems cannot match. This is especially the case when considering business continuity plans, as hosted infrastructure can remain available even if a business' headquarters are out of service.

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