The ShoreTel core Unified Communications system provides open SDKs (software development kits) for free as part of the ShoreTel Innovation Network. These enable customers to integrate ShoreTel UC features into existing enterprise systems and business processes.

The ShoreTel SDKs include both platform- specific and independent SDKs so developers have a choice as to which SDK meets their integration needs, as well as comfort level. Each SDK comes with a set of samples to help developers get up to speed quickly.

ShoreTel TAPI, TAPI COM and ScriptHlp SDKs are specific to Microsoft Windows platform while the ShoreTel Web Service SDK is platform agnostic. More details are available in our developer interface catalog.

(Please note that this post addresses ShoreTel core UC system SDKs only, and watch for another posting to describe ShoreTel Contact Center specific SDK offerings.)


This SDK is based on the Microsoft Windows Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) and enables developing both client- and server-type call and media control applications.



This SDK is based on the Microsoft Windows COM technology. It hides details of TAPI and greatly simplifies integration of ShoreTel telephony capabilities. It provides media interface as well to support caller interactions. It allows rapid development of both client- and server-type call and media control applications.


ShoreTel ScriptHlp SDK

This SDK is also based on the Microsoft Windows COM technology and is intended for use by server-side applications and scripts. It allows assigning a ShoreTel user to his or her home phone, changing a user’s Call Handling Mode, or changing the group to which a user is assigned.


ShoreTel Phone API SDK

The SDK enables development of new applications for the ShoreTel phone family. It allows applications to control specific user interface elements (display, audio, alerts, keys) on the ShoreTel IP phones.


ShoreTel Web Service SDK

This SDK enables integration of ShoreTel Communication features using programming languages of choice(C#.NET, Java, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Objective C and others) on platforms of choice(Windows, Linux, Mac) via platform-independent Web service technology. Its Web service interface is conformant with WS-I basic profile 1.1 for maximum interoperability. The developer interface catalog also provides a matrix that compares this SDK to the ShoreTel TAPI COM SDK along several different comparative aspects to help developers make a conscious decision for choosing this SDK over the ShoreTel TAPI COM SDK.


We invite you to join our Innovation Network and become part of our growing ecosystem of developers that use ShoreTel SDKs to communication enable enterprise systems. We use these SDKs ourselves to build both packaged and custom integrations with various enterprise systems and you can use them too!

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