Forbes: How Mobile Changes the Voice Industry: Thoughts From ShoreTel Investor Day

    Since the late 90′s I’ve been tracking the shifts in the voice market. For years we’ve discussed the move to VOIP, hosted voice solutions and unified communication.  I recently attended the ShoreTel investor day in San Francisco at AT&T Park to learn more about the evolution of voice as mobile and cloud computing become more prevalent in all markets. ShoreTel recently announced plans to acquire M5, a cloud hosted PBX solution.  ShoreTel CEO, Peter Blackmore, discussed how it became clear that it would take 3-5 years to build a viable hosted model and this led the company to acquire M5. To me, mobile and cloud combined represents the biggest driver of change in the market.  Personally, I believe having a cloud company in its portfolio will allow ShoteTel to understand the changes in the market.

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