The Four P's To Phone System Success

    Selecting a phone system for your business can be a daunting task.  There are lots of options available and it isn't always easy to know what choice is best for you.  In the spirit of brilliant simplicity, here are just four key areas to keep in mind when evaluating any solution, especially one that claims to offer business quality service at rock bottom prices.


    First and foremost, you need a solid and reliable product.  Features are important.  You should make sure that the solution has the features you need now and those you anticipate needing into the future.  Can the solution grow with you?  Is the vendor committed to enhancing the solution with new innovations?  How easy (or difficult) will it be to upgrade?

    Reliability is more important.  What is the vendor’s track record for reliability?  Is information about system performance and up-time available to everyone?  What about customer satisfaction metrics?  M5 is proud to share all of this information with the public at


    You need a strategy on how you are going to be successful using the product.  Make sure each vendor has a well thought out deployment plan and process to help you do this.  For example, M5 assigns a dedicated Product Manager to walk clients through the process, put in a disaster recovery plan and determine call flows that make sense for each business.  Additionally, we review the hardware set-up in your office(s) to ensure smooth deployment and offer many forms of training to meet our clients at their point of need.  The vendor you select should offer no less.


    You need people to execute with the product and plan and support it once launched.  This is one reason to be leery of very low cost providers.  In order to be successful, you need to have real people doing real things.  People holding your hand through deployment, people answering your questions after deployment, people monitoring your system and people thinking and engineering the next layer of  features/functions and reliability who can react quickly to changing market/technology trends.  These people aren’t cheap, but M5 sees them as an investment to ensure the best and easiest experience for our clients.


    You need a trusted partner, (not just a vendor) who is with you at every step.  M5 believes we have to earn your business every day because after a year, you can walk if you don't see value in what we provide.  We are involved because it is not only the right thing to do but because the growth of our business depends on it.  We have been doing this a long time, more than 12 years for 2000+ clients.  We know what we are doing and what it takes for our clients to be successful and delighted.

    You need all 4 components for a truly successful experience.  Like a chair, if one or more of the legs are weak, the chair may support you for a while but will eventually give way.   If a vendor is claiming to offer quality service for a low, low price, it is reasonable to wonder where they are skimping.  Are there potential hidden costs?  What will my service experience be like?

    We’d love the chance to describe how the four P’s work for M5 customers, or better yet, we invite you to hear from them in their own words.

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