Four Things Restaurateurs Should Know about the Phone System

    Although the phone system is always top of mind in the restaurant industry, providing outstanding customer service to guests begins long before they walk in the door. Clients call to make reservations, place take-out orders, book events, inquire about the menu or just ask for directions. So if you own or manage a restaurant, it is wise to take a few minutes and ask the following questions about your phone system.

    Do I have adequate call coverage? Every call is important so, you should be sure that your guests never get a busy signal. The best modern phone solutions allow you to utilize all of your resources with flexible teams and seamlessly distribute calls across locations or even remote workers.

    Am I happy with how calls are handled by my staff? Even the best employees can improve their phone skills. If you select a phone solution with training tools like Eavesdrop, Whisper and Barge, which let you listen to or participate in calls, you’ll be able to congratulate your best performers and provide coaching to those who need it.

    When are my phones the busiest? Surely you know when to expect the largest influx of guests at your restaurant, but do you know when to expect the highest volume of calls? Your phone system should be able to identify peak calling times by the day of week and hour of the day. With this information, you’ll be able to leverage your resources by staffing appropriately.

    What happens if there is an emergency? In this day and age, customers often assume that a busy signal means your establishment is no longer in business. What happens if a weather event or some other emergency makes it impossible for your staff to get to access your building? In the event of an emergency, your phone solution should easily re-route calls to another location, remote workers or cell phones. Even if you are unable to open for business, you’ll be able to assure your customers that the problem is temporary and perhaps even secure a reservation for a later date.

    Whether you specialize in fine dining or more casual fare, the guest experience, from beginning to end is the key to repeat business and referrals. It pays to see the phone system as an important part of your overall approach to delighting your customers.

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