The ShoreTel Contact Center Agent Dashboard (CCAD) is an add-on application for the ShoreTel Contact Center (CC) that provides the ability to monitor service in real-time. This application displays customer service metrics such as number of calls waiting, average wait times, and other such performance statistics.

It is not intended to replace the existing CC Supervisor or Wallboard Applications.

The CCAD application uses the ShoreTel Contact Center Real Time Group Activity Event Feed SDK to get these metrics and clearly communicate them to agents and administrators, thereby empowering them to self-manage customer care standards.

Entirely Web-based with no extra software required on agent desktop computers, it is rooted in Web 2.0 technologies like Asynchronous Java Script and XML (AJAX) to ensure elegant user experience.

It has configurable reports focused on Agent and Group Performance Statistics. Its Group Agents Report shows details, for all agents active in the configured set of groups, the ACD state, state start time, state code, DNIS and ANI.

One can hover over an agent to get extra detail as well as click column headers to sort the agents.

CCAD Administrator can choose which columns to display.

Multiple such reports show agents active in the configured set of groups.

The Group Report includes calls waiting, average wait times, abandoned calls and agent state summaries. Both Voice and Email ACD statistics are available for a Group, color coded according to the threshold configured in the CC Director.

The group metrics to display can be chosen by CCAD Administrator.

The normal CCAD users can personalize the CCAD Web page by simply dragging and dropping reports to the two zones of the page as the screenshots show below the Group Report for Sales Group being moved from the Zone 2 to Zone 1. (Please note that this drag and drop functionality currently works for MS Internet Explorer browser only.)

The CCAD access is controlled via concurrent user licenses and MS Windows Authentication. CCAD Administrators can intuitively design and publish the CCAD Web page in a centralized manner.

In the next post in this series, we will look closely at the CCAD designing and publishing features available to the CCAD Administrators.

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