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    My Two-Decade Journey from Basic Desk Phone to Collaborative Real-Time Communications


    When I started working 25 years ago, business communications meant one thing—your desk phone. Fast forward to 2015, and business communications includes so much more than phones, like messaging, conferencing and video. In fact, McKinsey estimates that improved communication and collaboration through social technologies could raise productivity levels as much as 25 percent. Productivity is one major upside of this shift in communications technology, but there are other benefits, too.

    • Connected: Wherever they are around the world, workers stay in touch with each other, partners and customers.
    • Dynamic: Real-time communications and collaboration ensure easy, ongoing sharing of ideas and information.
    • Team-ready: Workers in widely dispersed locations form productive long-term and ad hoc teams as easily as if they were in the same office.
    • Richly interactive: Easy sharing of instant messages, videos, documents and presentations make for more productive brainstorming and training sessions.


    In our new infographic, “Mobilizing Your Enterprise: 8 Ways Mobile-Enabling your Workforce Saves Time and Money”, you’ll find some great stats which highlight the importance of unified communications in our always-on society.

    • 25 percent of employees in knowledge worker-centric businesses are out of the office on any given day
    • 73 percent of senior executives see their mobile devices as critical to business communications
    • 2.5 hours per employee per week are lost due to communications difficulties


    But how are these changes affecting real companies? When you really want to know how a product works, you ask your customers. So we asked our customers to share how their companies are benefiting from Mitel collaboration technology. This is what they told us:

    • Mitel collaboration helps us be “Critically connected at the right time and cost savings on international mobile roaming.” —Pat Cicala, Voice Engineer, CGG
    • "Mitel’s communication suite provides a robust, feature-rich, unified communications platform that is scalable for future growth,” —Daniel Calderon, Chief Information Officer, New Mexico Public Defender Department (Read the full story here) 
    • “The MiCollab client improves communication among our teachers and staff.” —Ed Martin, Telecommunications Supervisor, Peoria Unified School District (Read the full story here)
    • “Allows my sales team and senior management team to fully collaborate while on the road.” —Jeremy Neal, IT Manager, Seagrave Fire Apparatus, LLC

    Customers using MiCollab include Comercial Mexicana, Churchill Corporation, Coventry City Council, Eutelsat, Monex, Mondelex, Ovation Travel and Peoria Unified School District.


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