Fuse Networks Uses UC to Streamline Sales and Support

    Fuse Networks is a managed services organization based in Seattle that integrates a company’s communication and IT networks into a single platform to improve efficiency, decrease costs and increase productivity.

    The company hosts everything in a private cloud environment, while maintaining and supporting all aspects of the solution as a single help desk. All 20 employees use the Mitel unified communications (UC) system, including Mitel Unified Communicator® Advanced.

    Quality Customer Service Through Collaboration

    As a system integrator, Fuse Networks delivers multi‐vendor solutions to its customers. In order to provide customer support when there is a network issue, Fuse customer support teams need to coordinate and collaborate with service technicians from the various vendor companies located all across the country.

    “When issues come up, they have to be solved immediately, and we can’t always solve them ourselves,” says Tim Maio, founding principal of Fuse Networks. “We need to have the vendors, customer, and our people on the phone at the same time, and we need to be able to easily escalate to a multiparty mode.”

    Using Mitel UC, Fuse Networks is able to bring the customer and support technicians together instantly.

    Read Fuse’s Full Story
    To learn more about how Fuse used UC to streamline its business, read this white paper.

     While remote service calls used to cost $200 to $300, now they cost almost nothing. Today, support engineers can work from the office (instead of in the field) and remotely support customers using collaboration tools, significantly increasing business without adding staff. Because of this, Fuse Networks experienced a savings of $140,000 per year.

    Perfecting the Sales Process

    The benefits of UC collaboration also extend to Fuse Networks’ sales team. In the past, the sales reps and systems engineers had to go to the customer’s site or host the customer at the Fuse office to present information or give a demonstration.

    By using video and Web conferencing, “we reduced the amount of time spent demonstrating products by 50 percent,” Maio says.

    For a sales team that costs an average of $350,000 per year, using UC collaboration tools for an average of two meetings results in a 10 percent performance improvement, and 5 to 10 percent higher revenues with existing staff.

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