The Future of Easy-to-Use, Affordable Conferencing is Here

    How many times have you heard someone tell you, "Wait a minute, and I'll try to conference you in...?" Voice calls, audio conferences, video, Web conferences, all offer time and cost-savings opportunities for immediate collaboration, yet many organizations struggle to put these opportunities at users' fingertips.

    Our philosophy at ShoreTel is that unified communications (UC) should be synonymous with easy-to-use, simple and affordable communications. That's why we recently announced ShoreTel Converged Conferencing 7.1, which integrates with the ShoreWare Call Manager in ShoreTel 8.1 to let users quickly host meet-me audio and Web conferences, chat securely via IM, and instantly share documents.

    Converged Conferencing is as simple as it is flexible. For instance, if you're on a call with a colleague and decide you need another subject matter expert to join, you simply create a conference session with a single click. Once you're all on the line, you can immediately pull up a document for everyone to share, even as you send a secure instant message to another colleague on the project, just to make sure there isn’t a new draft already in the works. And you can do it all through a single desktop interface.

    This is a significant step forward in bringing all forms of communication into the unified communications experience. The ability to collaborate so effectively at the exact moment you need to is not just a sure boost to productivity, but helps eliminate the communication issues and frustrations of trying to coordinate the activities of disparate or isolated groups.

    ShoreTel Converged Conferencing 7.1 also eliminates the need for the complex and expensive hosted conferencing solutions that are currently on the market, and it combines the convenience of IM with enterprise-level security, encrypting the instant messaging flow between enterprise users to keep your proprietary information secure.

    A complete list of features and benefits for Converged Conferencing 7.1 is here, and you also can see it in action at VoiceCon San Francisco in Booth 317.

    Kevin Gavin



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