Getting Through the Easy Way with ShoreTel Mobility

    I recently took some time off. It’s summer, so I thought it would be fun to take my kids down to Southern California for some fun in the sun. And we’d be staying at my parent’s house – home of my youth.

    My parents live in a canyon. I never thought much of it as a child, but those were the days pre-mobility. The canyon is a cellular dead zone. No signal gets in; no signal gets out. But, approximately a decade after it was available to the greater Los Angeles area, my parents secured a high speed Internet connection with Wi-Fi. Once we arrived, I enabled the Wi-Fi on my phone. (I may have an addiction.)

    Shortly thereafter, my phone buzzed. My ShoreTel Mobility chat indicator was blinking at me.

    “Call me,” read the message from my boss.

    Well, that’s not good. Because bosses don’t generally call you when you’re out of the office to say, “Hey there, good job! Just wanted to let you know you’re fabulous.”

    Since I had Wi-Fi, I simply clicked my boss’ name and my phone dialed his number – rather than the unpleasant alternative of stewing, wondering what the issue was. Sure, I could have used the landline, but even that would have taken some serious sleuthing, as I no longer have any phone numbers memorized. (The one exception being my childhood home number, but that was the location where I was presently located.)

    I called. There was a time-sensitive work issue that needed attending too. Unfortunately, it involved our U.K office. So while I now had the new contact information, I wasn’t comfortable using my parents phone for international business calls. (Can you imagine trying to sort out that expense report?)

    Once again I clicked on my ShoreTel Mobility app. One click later and a four-digit extension was ringing eight hours ahead of me.

    For the next hour, I sat at the small whitewashed wooden desk across from the twin bed in the room I’d grown up in. Business was conducted beneath blue pennants still pinned to the walls – fraying allegiances to my Los Angeles Dodgers and high school colors. The 16-year-old me who once spent evenings impatiently waiting for the screaming dial of a 28.8K bps modem to connect to AOL would have been in awe of the technology now available.

    The issue was easily resolved and my colleagues and I agreed to have a follow up call in several days. Of course, that was the same day I was driving back up the state. I pulled over just before the 101 freeway. Using the calendar integration in the latest ShoreTel Mobility release, I clicked join. No futzing with access codes or numbers to dial while fretting the soothing hum of the engine would be stalled long enough to wake up sleeping toddlers.

    Shortly thereafter, my phone buzzed again. It was the initial voicemail my boss had left days ago, finally coming through once my phone found a cellular connection after a relaxing vacation of its own.

    Thanks to my ShoreTel Mobility, I was able to sit back and drive rather than just starting to freak out about an escalating situation. Because the issue was long-since resolved.

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