The Giants and ShoreTel Start Another Season


    As the San Francisco Giants open their season today in Los Angeles against the Dodgers, ShoreTel employees will be rooting them on with extra fervor.

    The four-year partnership between the Giants and ShoreTel added another chapter last month when Giants CIO Bill Schlough brought his team's two World Series Trophies to ShoreTel so employees and their families could have their pictures taken with the trophies.

    Schlough is a strong ShoreTel supporter, appreciative of the state-of-the-art IP-based communication system provided by ShoreTel that streamlines the Giants’ communications throughout AT&T Park and off-site facilities, and transforms the way its front office, staff, the media, and fans connect at the park.

    "We feel like ShoreTel is part of the family for us," Schlough said at the trophy presentation. "We share the same colors. The organization really supports us and we don’t think we would get that type of relationship with any of the other big players in that space. We really feel like ShoreTel is a great fit for an organization of our size."

    Schlough said ShoreTel's IP-based communications offerings went beyond the Giant's expectations.

    "When we looked around to unveil a VoIP solution for the Giants at AT&T Park we wanted something  that was going to save us money, and was going to be simple - simple for our users, simple for our staff to administer, and it was going to be reliable and robust and have very few points of failure," he said.

    "And if you look at from where we came from to where we are today, ShoreTel has really foot the bill across all those key success factors," Schlough added. "In comparison to the other solutions that we looked at, the big names you might have heard of, the real differentiator for us was simplicity and, to be honest, the service."

    This season is one of optimism for the team’s prospects, and for Giants’ partnership with ShoreTel. "It's been a heck of a run these four years," Schlough said, "and we hope it continues."

    Check out our video of the event here.

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