GigaOm Structure conference focuses on cloud and security

    Yesterday and today ShoreTel has been hanging out at the GigaOm Structure Conference in San Francisco.


    Alas, there is no technology to enhance the commute endured for attendance



    This is GigaOm’s largest conference to date and billed as conversations around the annual state of the cloud. (Its popularity was proven by the standing room only situation in the main presentation hall, despite the Spain vs. Chile World Cup match broadcasting on flat screens in the hallways, and then running out of food at lunch.)

    ShoreTel is a PrimeTime Sponsor at the show where leaders in enterprise computing from Amazon, Google, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, CenturyLink and Twitter were sharing their thoughts on various aspects within the ever-evolving cloud-technology era.

    Unsurprisingly, one of the major themes permeating the panels was the concept of the growth and security. (Shameless plug: check out our own take on staying secure in the cloud.)

    Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla best summed this up with his Zen philosophy, “Be reactive; plan not to plan; be agile.”

    Recent security breaches from places like Target, Neiman Marcus and AT&T were at the forefront of all the panelists’ minds. Amazon chief technology officer, Werner Vogels, declared, “The customer needs to be in control of their data, and we give them full confidence that no one is going to access their data but themselves.”

    Yet, Urs Hölzle, a Google Fellow and senior vice president of technical infrastructure, aptly noted in his discussion on Google’s $10 billion expenditure for cloud infrastructure data center builds, that, “You can't grow 50% every year and keep doing things the same way.” Rather, “It's not about the data center and infrastructure per se, it's about making it useful.”

    This mirrored Khosla’s earlier point that, “It’s ridiculous to have humans managing the levels of complexity in data systems.” His session focused on opportunities for entrepreneurs to create platforms that allow fully automated smart systems to reduce the cost of IT staff. Such concepts derive from the growing interest and implementation of X as a service (where X is almost any application you can imagine).

    “Businesses and startups don’t know what will happen with their Internet companies down the road and don’t want to plan their infrastructure years in advance,” Khosla explained. Cloud computing allows young companies to turn over some of that concern to those who focus solely on infrastructure (such as a cloud communications data center in the case of ShoreTel Sky), while focusing all of their innovative energies on their actual offerings.

    If you’re one of the lucky one’s in attendance, ShoreTel’s senior vice president of engineering, Pankaj Malhotra, will be leading a workshop this afternoon titled, “Prepare Yourself for Cloud Based Unified Communications,” featuring a live demo regarding the possibilities in that space.

    And if you’re just following along at home, check out the Twitter hashtag #gigaomlive.


    gigaom2 Checking out the ShoreTel booth during a session break at GigaOm Structure 2014.




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