Going Digital: Media, Entertainment and the Business Phone System

    Besides keeping us informed and entertained, radio, television, music and movies have at least one other thing in common: They are all going digital. And this digital transformation is altering every facet of the media and entertainment industry—down to their business phone systems. In fact, research shows that the vast majority of CEOs of major media and entertainment companies believe that the growth of digital media will drive industry revenue by at least 10 percent within the next three years.

    An advanced business phone system can help media and entertainment companies stay competitive by improving their interactions with consumer and partners while becoming more flexible and responsive in the process.

    Adapt to Changing Consumer Behavior

    Consumers are undoubtedly migrating from traditional to digital media—from digital magazine subscriptions to live streaming via YouTube—because it’s ultimately more convenient for their mobile, on-the-go lifestyles. Respond to this shift in customer preference with a business phone system that’s stocked with multiple mobile capabilities, apps and digital support.

    Enhance Partnerships, Mergers and Acquisitions

    The entire goal of your business is to nurture its growth; however, as your business expands, so will the costs and complexities of system management. An advanced business phone system boasts simple, web-based configuration, as well as the ability to flexibly move from a single site solution to a private or public cloud. This transparency ensures that your business never encounters downtime, that your team is always engaged and productive, and that you’re able to realize optimized partnerships and augmented revenue.

    Improve Business Agility

    The media and entertainment industry is, understandably, one of the most cut-throat. New players are introduced to the scene and are just as quickly run out. You can’t be concerned with the condition of legacy hardware while trying to maximize growth and be flexible enough to meet changes in demand. Reinvent your company’s strategy with an advanced business phone system that supports dynamic, digital collaboration.

    Fifty-nine percent of the CEOs surveyed say that social and interactive media companies are best positioned among the competition to thrive in the future. Start establishing your competitive edge by clicking here.

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