Going on a Work-ation?

    Swim. Email. Lunch with kids. Telecon. Mini golf. Return calls. Nap. Dinner and dancing. Rinse. Repeat.

    Do you have a last minute summer vacation on your calendar? Let’s hope so! As summer winds down and we head into that final stretch of lazy summer days before back to school…oh who are we kidding. More and more, Americans aren’t putting work in their rearview window as they head out on vacation

    Three out of five of us (61 percent) work at least some of the time while on vacation. Almost a quarter of us (24 percent) interact with a colleague about something at work, and 20 percent hear from our boss while we are on vacation. These numbers come from a 2014 Harris Interactive Survey sponsored by Glassdoor, and they make a strong argument for the United States being the no-vacation nation.

    Unplugging from work is getting harder—and many don’t want to. We don’t want to miss the important meeting, return to a mountain of work, or lose a possible promotion. In today’s constantly connected world, unified communication technology feeds your need-to-work habits. You can be on the beach and still check in on projects, call customers, and email between waves by using these stealthy work tips.

    Take your office with you.

    In the office, you have a tried-and-true set of timesaving habits. You can follow that same personal routine while on vacation by putting ShoreTel Mobility Client on your smartphone or tablet. You can combine a ShoreTel Dock with your iPad® or iPhone® and set up your own vacation office with a view, and your mobile will easily handle voice calls, plus provide location-aware presence and instant messaging.

    Don’t miss a single call and stay on top of emails.

    All your work calls and personal calls can be routed to your mobile phone. With ShoreTel Communicator, clients will never know you’re on vacation. What they see is that you’re reachable and responsive.

    When you do miss a call, you can quickly view your voicemail messages and select those that need your immediate attention. The audio message is streamed to your mobile device so you can have a better idea of all the recent activity. You can quickly review and respond to a customer with a question or a co-worker with a problem.

    Work emails are accessible on your mobile – where you can reply as they come in or prioritize them for later, when you can slip away from the family. With only a little organization, you can quickly review and return messages to anyone waiting on you.

    Be available to help those who are covering your projects while you’re away.

    You don’t want a sale or a deliverable to be put on hold because you’re unreachable. With ShoreTel, you decide how you want to interact with the office and with your most valuable customers. You can automatically route your calls to a colleague or handle the matter on the fly, with a quick IM chat to help a coworker make a decision and move the business-at-hand forward.

    Visuals are another great, quick way to share your knowledge and help colleagues move through a rough spot. With ShoreTel Collaboration, you can do a quick web conference to show a co-worker or boss exactly what you mean and how things work.

    Never miss a meeting.

    The ShoreTel Mobility client integrates your calendar and conference dialer on your smartphone or tablet, so you will know immediately what conference calls are on your schedule and can join them with a single click.

    Start packing for your vacation. You can get away from the office without trouble breaking loose, and you can give your family and friends the quality time they deserve. The ShoreTel UC features and ShoreTel Mobility client help you keep a watchful eye on work matters without disappointing the family.

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