The Golden State Warriors Continue Winning Streak with ShoreTel

    The first game of the NBA finals last night was an overtime nail-biter as the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers battled down to the wire. In the end, the Warriors took the game and the first step toward a possible title with a 108 to 100 win.

    OK we’re a little biased, since the Golden State Warriors are a fan of ShoreTel. The organization uses ShoreTel to support front office and contact center operations and they have no problem admitting its benefits.

    “Partnering with best in class companies such as ShoreTel continues to show our dedication to being the most technologically advanced team in the league,” said Chip Bowers, the Warriors chief marketing officer, soon after the ShoreTel system was implemented. “We chose ShoreTel for its ease of installation and management, along with its flexibility and reliability, elements we needed to engage our fans.”

    And last night, as Oracle Arena rocked during the game, Warriors staff were most likely using ShoreTel Mobility, which enables the Warriors’ staff to communicate on their own devices – whether it be text, email, voicemail or phone call.

    The Golden State Warriors aren’t the only sports team that has looked to ShoreTel to improve communications. The Buffalo Bills, San Francisco Giants, Cleveland Indians, Miami Marlins, Washington Wizards, Buffalo Sabres and more rely on ShoreTel to provide the highest quality Unified Communications (UC) solutions.

    Part of the reason for sports teams select ShoreTel is the tremendous amount of communication that transpires within a sports organization. For example, an increasingly large part of almost every sport is analyzing footage and data from previous games. Some players even now utilize wearable cameras and sensors to track different variables during practice that can be uploaded and used to make adjustments before a game. This information can be shared easily using a UC platform, with the data displayed via screen-share and a Web conference initiated to go over different elements of the analysis.

    While the NBA finals have just begun, we look forward to watching the upcoming games and take pride knowing that the Warriors are communicating with ShoreTel technology. 

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