A good question

    If you are reading this blog as someone who is beginning a search for a new business phone system, welcome.  We hope that you will choose M5, but even if you don’t you can find some helpful information here.  As you continue your search, there’s something important that you might want to keep in mind.  Many providers of hosted phone solutions rely on a software platform (called a softswitch) that is licensed from a third party.  In other words, the core of the system is developed and maintained by someone else.

    Although this allows new companies to get into the VoIP business quickly, it limits their flexibility and ability to respond to customer requests for enhancements, new features and sometimes even bug fixes.  It also makes it very difficult to determine who is responsible if something goes wrong.

    M5 started out this way, but quickly realized that we wanted to provide a different level of responsiveness and accountability to our clients.  We develop, maintain and own, Call Conductor, the key technology that is the heart of our system.

    I suggest that when you look into phone system vendors, ask them this question, “Do you own, develop and maintain the softswitch, or is it licensed from someone else?”  The answer will tell you a lot.

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