Goodbye Hosted VoIP, Hello Cloud Communications.

    Cloud Communications Alliance is a pretty interesting play by 8 regional BroadSoft VOIP providers joining forces to share resources on both the tech and marketing sides.

    The name is a bit of a bandwagon play (how long is this "cloud washing" going to last) but I think the idea is a sound one for smaller providers. It can be hard to keep up with medium and larger players (like M5).

    But the American version of keiretsus are also prone to in-fighting and power struggles- especially if some members are much bigger than others. It will be interesting to see if the group finds success or is dissolved in a few years.

    Goodbye Hosted VoIP, Hello Cloud Communications.

    In an earlier post, I waxed about the battle I call ‘Closet versus Cloud’. In short, my point was that for all the chatter about the cloud, business communications remains by majority something still delivered through the closet – the on-prem phone closet, that is.

    My net-out was that the winner here is the customer: those in the cloud have pushed the on-prem believers to be more creative in the ways they package and deliver their solutions. And vice versa, those in the cloud continue to iterate – both in product and in go-to-market approaches – to nibble their way in. Today, with the formal announcement of the Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA), we have further evidence of this.

    The timing is perfect. Cloud communications – now apparently the official replacement for the term Hosted VoIP – is creating more than just curiosity. Already well established as an alternative smaller businesses must consider when upgrading their communications infrastructure, the mid-market (lets call this 50-500 end-users) is now ready to listen. By being local and national at the same time, and more importantly by pooling best practices (ie. what they learn as they talk to and deploy solutions for larger business across the country), the CCA will do themselves and the industry a service by proving once and for all that cloud communications is for more than just small business.

    In the late ’80’s, early ’90’s when voice mail found itself similarly on the cusp of something great, the people at what was VMX pulled together a group of VARs under an umbrella called DialPro. The intent was the same: leverage the horsepower of telecom entrepreneurs to push an industry forward. It worked then, and I believe it can work again. Congratulations, CCA.

    by Larry on 20. Apr, 2010 in IP Communications, VoIP via Goodbye Hosted VoIP, Hello Cloud Communications. | Voyces.

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