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    It's pretty interesting to watch as Google keeps aligning chess pieces to get into the voice/unified communications game. The convergence of computers, phones & handhelds may be coming much faster than anyone anticipated.

    Google buys VOIP engine behind Yahoo, AOL, WebEx, Lotus conferencing

    Google on Tuesday said it will acquire Global IP Solutions Holding, which makes processing software for voice and video over IP, for $68.2 million. The deal means that Google will own the voice and video conferencing engine behind its competitors’ instant messaging systems.

    The search giant said it will use Global IP Solutions (GIPS) for real-time video and audio communications over an IP network (statement). Google is paying 27.5 percent premium over GIPS closing price May 14. GIPS trades on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

    The purchase of GIPS comes a day before Google’s I/O conference. Given Google’s acquisition of Gizmo5 and its existing Google Voice service, the search giant appears to be collecting enough assets to give Skype and others competition on the consumer and business fronts. GIPS’s software can also be layered into Google Apps in multiple areas as a business collaboration tool.

    GIPS’ software is installed in more than 800 million endpoints and the company touts integration with unified communications tools from the likes of Avaya and IBM. The company’s software allows for video and voice processing, unified communications, fixed mobile, voice and video conferencing and enterprise IP telephony.

    One interesting thing to note about GIPS is its customer list. On its site, GIPS touts Yahoo, IBM Lotus, AOL, WebEx and Baidu as customers. All of those companies compete with Google products. For instance, Yahoo uses GIPS VideoEngine PC product to deliver real-time voice over Yahoo Messenger. Is that really going to last when Google owns GIPS? It’s the same story for AOL Instant Messenger. Simply put, Google will own the technology powering video and voice on the biggest IM clients. On the Google Apps front, WebEx uses GIPS VoiceEngine and so does Lotus Sametime. On the China front, Baidu also uses GIPS technology.

    via Google buys VOIP engine behind Yahoo, AOL, WebEx, Lotus conferencing | ZDNet By Larry Dignan | May 18, 2010, 2:33am PDT

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