Google Testing Google Voice Desktop App Internally

    Another interesting Google chess move. Google Voice has been entirely focused on consumers. But, in theory, Google could have a pretty interesting enterprise suite in the next few years- and one that integrated voice with email and all the other pieces of Google apps for business.

    With the release of the Nexus One it shows that they are willing to try out things on the hardware side instead of their former pure devotion to browser software. They could definitely release a pretty interesting touchscreen phone/video device if they chose to.

    It really comes down to where they see the bigger opportunity- on the consumer or enterprise side, and where they choose to focus this product.

    Google Testing Google Voice Desktop App Internally

    Last November Google acquired Gizmo5, a VoIP service that competed with Skype by making P2P VoIP calls as well as making and receiving calls with POTS normal landlines and mobile phones.

    Gizmo5 fills some of the holes in the Google Voice product, particularly providing an endpoint for calls. Currently Google Voice users must assign their Google Voice phone number to an actual phone to make and receive calls.

    Google never commented on how they might use Gizmo5’s technology. But we’ve confirmed that they have now built a Google Voice desktop application to make and receive calls. From a user perspective, this will let Google Voice users take calls right from their desktop.

    When will the new application launch? Possibly soon. Earlier this week Google started testing the application internally. This “dogfooding” of products as in “eating your own dog food” is a step that Google and many other companies take before launching something publicly, to iron out any problems that pop up.

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