Imagine the chaos of an elementary school environment at lunchtime – kids running wild instead of eating the turkey sandwich neatly packed in their lunchbox. Now picture the terror a teacher might experience if one of her students does not return when the bell rings.

In the split-seconds that follow, the teacher will need to communicate with a number of people spread across campus.

Following protocol, the office may use overhead paging to remind the wayward student to immediately report to the office. In-classroom broadcasting, done via in-ceiling speakers or the desktop phone, would be appropriate to alert all teachers that everyone needs to remain inside their room for a period of time. The office may send a text format to all teachers alerting them to the missing student, but not wishing to broadcast the details.

“Critical Communication, in its simplest form, is ensuring the right message reaches the right audience on the right device or ‘Endpoint.’ Endpoints may be the phone itself, mobile device, desktop, paging system, IP speakers and more.”
- Steve Horton, CEO of Syn-Apps

Syn-Apps, an Alliance member in the Innovation Network, augments ShoreTel’s Unified Communications solution with advanced paging and notification applications to ensure that the message is delivered. Many schools leverage the Syn-Apps solution combined with ShoreTel; the solution is intuitive, providing enhanced communication, safety, improved productivity, and a lower total cost of ownership.

The use cases extend well beyond the classroom and into retail, medical, and even financial environments – any location that benefits from quick communication, such as PIMCO, a global investment adviser spanning 10 countries.

To learn more about the Syn-Apps solution with ShoreTel visit the Syn-Apps Innovation Network site. And if you’re already a ShoreTel Reseller, don’t miss Syn-Apps’ presentation in the Nov. 17 installment of Insights –a ShoreTel Innovation Network webinar series highlighting Alliance technology partners.

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Steve Weinstock

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