Happy Birthday M5 | A Note from Dan

    ShoreTel Cloudies:

    What a day!  For about half of you this is your first M5 birthday party. Enjoy the start of your journey.  For the rest of us, this is a day filled with nostalgia and pride.  It is the one day a year that we are all together to thank each other, and slap M5 high-fives.  We've accomplished so much this year.  And I don't only mean the 42 people that learned to rock, or the 17 that learned to roll.  We've built a rocket and readied it for lift-off.  You can feel the rumbling of the engine, the smoke billowing beneath us, the tight straps holding us in, the countdown ... I say it every year, but picture what next year's event will be like!

    Over 1,000 friends, mostly clients, have printed their tickets.  Make no mistake, they are not just coming to celebrate the bravery of our bands.  They are coming to thank us for the experience we've given them.  They are appreciating that we surprised them.  Nobody expected a phone company like this.  And they are coming to encourage us, to spur us on, because they want to see us transform our industry and rid the land of the telecom dinosaurs.

    Breathe.  Relax. Take it in.  Meet some new M5r's ("Cloudies").  Meet our clients.  Thank our partners.  Wear your nametags on the right side.  Introduce yourself.  Drink responsibly.  Cheer like crazy for the bands.  Give some hugs.

    And thank you for the honor you are giving me tonight, the chance to take a bow on your behalf. It is going to be one of the proudest moments of my life.

    Business love,


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