Happy Valentines. You Won't Get a Box of Chocolates from Us.

    Chocolates?  Not from us.

    Not since Forrest Gump made famous: "Life's a box of chocolates.  You never know what you're gonna get."

    Because with ShoreTel, you always know what you're gonna get: the most trouble-free, feature-rich, affordable unified communications solution available today.  Our sweet spot includes: open architecture that scales easily and integrates with all the leading enterprise solution software; simplicity of deployment, management and end-user experience; UC plus contact center features built right in; and an enterprise mobility solution that works with all the popular devices.

    When you choose ShoreTel you get no surprises--and our fans love us for it.

    Take Judy Farcus Serra, the controller and assistant GM at Headquarter Toyota/Headquarter Honda in Miami. She loves ShoreTel so much, she had a T-shirt made with this design:

    Judy Love

    Judy's crazy about us. (Once she put her wedding ring on a ShoreTel phone and called herself "Mrs. ShoreTel.)  "Everyone needs to know that ShoreTel is way better than chocolate," she says.

    Judy's not alone. Here are some of the love notes we recently got from fans:

    "My wife loves ShoreTel because now I can spend more time with her and the kids rather than time troubleshooting problems. ShoreTel is brilliantly simple and the benefits are endless!” -Kris Clymans,  Manager of Infrastructure and Support, Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency

    "I love my ShoreTel system because it's got simplicity, great features and it just works. Actually, I wish all systems could be like a box of ShoreTel—because you know exactly what you’re going to get! It frees up endless hours so we can support our customers, not our phone system."  -Glenn Rogers, CIO, Girls Scouts of Northern California

    “I love ShoreTel because I won’t have to stay late working on some phone system issue. So I’ll make my date with my wife this Valentine's Day!” -Tim Mosbach, Network Manager, Iowa Bankers Association

    With fans like these, it's no wonder ShoreTel has an amazing Net Promoter Score® (a globally recognized metric used to measure customer loyalty.) Our NPS is 62. A score of 50 or above is considered world class--so ShoreTel's ranking is literally out of this world!

    Enjoy your wine and roses today, and maybe a slice of chocolate cake.

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