Hats Off to International Circle of Excellence Award Winners


    We are proud to announce the winners of the ShoreTel International Circle of Excellence Awards 2014.

    The top performing international ShoreTel channel partner is Solar, the winner for the second year running. Response Data Communications received second place, scoring an outstanding 100% customer satisfaction rating, and our Canadian channel partner, Optinet, received third prize. Phone Pulse entered the Circle of Excellence for the first time, achieving fourth place for an impressive all-around performance driven by growth in the Irish market.

    Hosted at the UK Partner Summit on 2nd December, this year’s recognition was timed to coincide with the visit of CEO Don Joos and CMO Mark Roberts, who took the opportunity to congratulate the winners and participate in round table discussions with all of our leading partners in attendance.

    Established in 2011, the ShoreTel International Circle of Excellence Awards is a key annual program designed to showcase the ongoing success of our partners internationally and the invaluable contribution they make to our business. The awards not only recognise our partners’ impressive sales performance and commitment to delivering first-class customer service, but also celebrate our enduringly successful relationships. The international awards have established a level playing field that allows us to recognise the substantial performance growth and capabilities of our partners operating in newer and less mature markets.

    Assessed every October, and based on results from the previous four quarters, the key criteria for these competitive awards are revenue, growth, and customer satisfaction (measured via Net Promoter Scores).

    Mark Colquhoun, CEO of Solar, said: “We are delighted to once again be named as ShoreTel’s top performing partner outside the U.S. This is a huge endorsement of the hard work, expertise and passion shown by everyone at Solar throughout the year. I believe we have an unrivalled understanding of ShoreTel’s key business benefits, USPs and products. This understanding coupled with our own passion for customer service makes a ShoreTel solution delivered by Solar a natural choice for many businesses throughout the UK.”

    David Lang, sales director of Phone Pulse, said: “Phone Pulse has 25 years’ experience in delivering telephony solutions across Ireland and now, with the recovery of the economy, we have emerged in a leading position in the industry. Winning the ShoreTel International Circle of Excellence award is a highly-prized recognition of the passion and results our talented team has shown and achieved in 2014 – and clearly highlights our business focus on being a service provider first and foremost.

    "Selling and supporting the ShoreTel solution is made all the more effective by the exceptional value that ShoreTel offers our growing customer base,” continued Lang. “Our engineers love the solution but more importantly - as our Net Promoter Score results prove - is the fact that our clients also find it brilliantly simple to use and manage themselves.”

    UK Partner Summit Highlights

    In further recognition of our partners’ contribution to our business, last week Don Joos and Mark Roberts shared their vision for 2015, including key new launches and the positioning of ShoreTel’s next generation products and services.

    This was followed by an interactive round-table session chaired by Adrian Hipkiss, vice president and managing director of EMEA.

    Jason Evans, MD of Response Data Communications, said:  “We were all very impressed by Don’s open and honest discussion – the opportunity to get the inside track direct from the CEO is enormously valuable and further strengthens our relationship. Another key takeaway is the clear message that Mark Roberts is committed to ensuring that ShoreTel’s impressive new marketing initiatives for 2015 are aligned to sales in a meaningful manner.”

    Jason also commented on the value of the summit as a platform to freely discuss challenges as well as success stories and future innovations.

    “I appreciate the opportunity to not only discuss the needs of my business directly with the senior ShoreTel team but also to hear and share feedback from other partners and debate the big issues that are a priority for us all.”

    Hipkiss added: “It is extremely important to me that we run these partner summits in a way that facilitates real, honest conversation. I want to know the details of their challenges in taking our products into the market place. This way we can actively work to align our vision to meet the needs of the channel, provide our partners with the support they need and consistently deliver progressive solutions.”

    David Hughes, MD of Incom, said: “It was exciting to see the ShoreTel strategy around hybrid communications and contact centre. 2015 promises to be an exciting year for both ShoreTel and Incom.”

    We would like to thank our partners for a highly productive summit event and congratulate all of them for their outstanding performance this year.

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