He Likes Me He Really Likes Me!

    The power of positive feedback and why it should always come from the sound of your voice…

    I remember every compliment that mattered to me was genuine – those moments in life where you are just happy that someone took the time out to recognize you and it wasn't rushed. It might have been spur of the moment. There was no, "You’re great but… " I remember how they sounded when they said it and I remember people's reaction when I did the same for someone else.

    The intimacy of the human voice cannot be replicated. We laugh at how inhuman our GPS lady sounds. We watch YouTube videos to see the story and hear it, not just read a summary of what happened.

    The tools of unified communication are meant to be used together, not instead of each other. You’re supposed to look for someone's presence to see if they are on the phone, because the conversation you need to have can’t be done over email. IM is not for avoiding personal interaction.

    ShoreTel Mobility lets you make calls from your business number – recipients see, “It's important and I am calling you from work, not squeezing you in on my cell in between travel and conference calls.” It signifies the call is important (doesn't hurt that it saves you a boatload of money too, I suppose).

    Video conferencing from companies like Polycom does not just replace traveling for meetings. It enhances our ability in a dispersed world to congregate more in person, rather then hiding behind email.

    True leadership is about inspiring your people and that cannot be done in a memo or a business plan. Pick up the phone. We are all so busy. Imagine getting a call from the CEO to tell you what a great job you are doing? How would that feel?

    Use UC to talk more, email less, and inspire more. We are all so connected that people barely look up from their PDAs. Interrupt the distraction with a ring. Surprise them. Disconnect from your inbox for a moment and use UC to communicate better, not more.