A healthy VoIP market is growing and thriving

    It's no secret that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services are becoming popular in enterprises, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that the market for carrier VoIP services is healthy, continuing to grow and thrive. The market is led lby small and medium-sized businesses looking to improve communications, but larger organizations are deploying VoIP solutions as well, often as part of unified communications (UC) strategies.

    According to a recent study by Infonetics Research, the global VoIP market is up 8 percent from last year. The study revealed that the Asia-Pacific and Latin American markets are the fastest growing, but that other markets are turning to VoIP solutions as well. The VoIP market is expected to see continued success in the coming years.

    "With solid third quarter results, the carrier VoIP and IMS market is on track for positive year-over-year growth due to a handful of variables that are coming together," said Diane Myers, principal analyst of VoIP, UC, and IMS at Infonetics Research. Myers also said that the market is entering a time of increased stabilization and slower declines, resulting in a better market for VoIP.

    Growing VoIP market in North America

    Infonetics Research isn't the only one studying the growth in the market for VoIP solutions. Frost & Sullivan released a report detailing VoIP access in North America. The report is intended to help business executives, vendors and partners looking to develop sustainable VoIP strategies, as the report analyzed current trends to find opportunities for growth. Large businesses are increasingly implementing and using VoIP and SIP trunking services, especially when broader UC solutions are deployed, according to the report.

    Home use of VoIP solutions

    Interestingly, VoIP is not only a useful technology for businesses. According to ABC.net, Australia's baby boomer generation is turning to VoIP services in their homes, pushed by the National Broadband Network (NBN), which has begun using internet technologies to improve communication among citizens. The news source reported that some were hesitant to turn to VoIP, but are now enjoying its benefits. For exampole, Warren Weekes, a retiree, is enjoying VoIP handsets that allow for easy calling around the house. He's also realized that changing services and plans with VoIP is easier than before. His new service includes VoIP and a speedy, improved internet connection, the news source reported.

    VoIP integration

    Because VoIP can easily be integrated into UC solutions and can be deployed quickly and efficiently, it's an attractive option for business executives, homeowners and others who want to improve how they interact with colleagues, clients, friends and family. Using the internet rather than traditional land lines to connect people allows for video conferencing, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and other improvements to be integrated together to create seamless, enhanced communication.

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