Hell Has Frozen Over - Allan Sulkin Admits Hosted VoIP is Ready for Primetime

    Allan Sulkin is the most respected voice writer in the telecom industry. I have been following him since 1991 (that is before some M5 interns were born). He had dismissed CaaS (Communications as a Service) as "not for the enterprise."

    His latest article sounds a little different:

    Dematerialization is also realized by the IP telephony option to implement a single "virtual" system housed at a centralized customer data center to service multiple geo-distributed facilities previously supported by a network of local PBXs: one system, with shared and optimized resources, replacing many. Customers also have the option to implement a Cloud-based third party Communications as a Service (CaaS) solution, minimizing their own premises-based hardware requirements. Service providers can leverage a single partitioned system to support the communications requirements of many customers across many locations. The customer data center and the hosted CaaS solutions each offer significant reductions in overall hardware requirements without loss of feature or performance capabilities.

    Allan explains earlier that "dematerialization" is a fancy, European word for doing more with less physical "stuff." This could mean virtualizing a data center or using a cloud service instead of a local server (or PBX phone system). This is a big change for Allan, and a vote of confidence for providers like M5.

    via No Jitter | blog.

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