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    In June 2015, we acquired TigerTMS, a global provider of software-, cloud- and applications-based solutions for the hospitality industry, to capitalize on demand for real-time communications and a cloud-enabled connected guest experience. We’re combining the offerings to give hospitality companies unparalleled communications capabilities.

    Critical elements of complete hospitality communications

    We checked in with Jim Davies, VP of Vertical Initiatives and Simon Udell, General Manager of Connected Guests, to learn how the powerful combination of unified communications from Mitel, integration capabilities from TigerTMS and voice messaging from Innovation are enabling success in the hospitality space and delivering a five star hospitality portfolio.

    “The biggest benefit we’ve seen since the acquisition is that we now have a complete hospitality solution that includes the phone system, which is an important function, and integrated hospitality applications. By linking the phone system with the applications, we help improve the guest experience by changing how the staff interact,” explained Jim Davies. “The name Connected Guests reflects where Mitel is adding value to the hospitality industry. Mitel is a strong player in the voice business and that’s not going to go away. When it comes to hospitality, we are expanding the focus to the entire guest experience.”

    Shifting the focus in hospitality communications

    Udell has spent decades working in the hospitality industry. One fundamental shift he has seen over the past ten years is that hotels want to provide a ‘home away from home’ to guests. And guests now expect technology they have at home to be available in hotels.

    “This technology shift applies to guests preferring to use their mobile phones rather than the fixed phones provided by the hotels. So rather than having to use the fixed phone/desk phone or bedside phone, the guest can use his or her personal smartphone to book services, contact reception, call the spa, see what movies are on, and chat with his friends in other rooms.”

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