The Hidden Danger of Upfront Discounts

    Organizations of all sizes are implementing UC solutions to increase worker productivity, facilitate increased mobility, and reduce the costs of business communications. But selecting the right solution can determine whether companies realize those benefits, or needlessly add cost and complexity.

    UC solutions have tremendous potential for reducing the cost of business communications. But maximizing savings requires a solution designed to address all aspects of total cost of ownership (TCO). Organizations must consider not only upfront capital costs but also the costs of deployment, management, upgrades, support, and energy consumption.

    The key point is that a vendor can discount a solution all they want with upfront costs, but ultimately a company needs to examine the total costs over multiple years. Upfront costs represent only 25 percent of a systems lifetime total cost of ownership.

    Consider today’s standard inkjet printers – you may even find some for sale with the promise of a 100 percent off rebate – because the manufacturers know you will have to continuously purchase the ink cartridges over the years.

    So what are some of the questions you should be asking as you consider which unified communications solution to implement?

    • Will there be expensive software license renewals in the coming years?
    • Will I be required to install costly network upgrades for my applications in later years?
    • What is the cost of hiring additional staff to run the system because of complexity?
    • How easy is the migration from a small business solution to an enterprise IP system?

    And finally, consider the increased value of ShoreTel, which allows employees to increase productivity simply because of the solution’s brilliant simplicity.

    ShoreTel has a proven lowest total cost of ownership, based on independent third party information. For additional information, check out our whitepaper demonstrating the numerous advantages that enable businesses to capitalize on the benefits of unified communications without adding costs or complexity.

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