Hitting it Out of the Park

    Last week, I had the great pleasure of joining Peter Blackmore and other ShoreTel executives for ShoreTel’s investor day at AT&T Park in San Francisco.  We had the opportunity to speak to investors and analysts about the future of ShoreTel, unified communications and, of course, the acquisition of M5 Networks.

    This was a whole new game for me.  One of the things I like best about my job is that it feels completely new every six months.  I was anxious about how "The Street" would receive us.  But it is great to learn from pros like Peter and his team.  I thought the event was excellent.

    Our message, that ShoreTel now can provide customers with the best of on-premise and cloud-based business communications solutions was very well received.  Here are just a few of the comments:

    “Once the deal is finalized, ShoreTel will have the luxury of defending both positions with equal conviction, and prospective customers should listen comfortably, knowing it no longer has a stake in just one model and will be able to provide the solution that truly meets customer needs.” – Eric Linask, TMCNet

     “We see ShoreTel as poised to capture a hefty share of the burgeoning hosted VoIP market…Once M5 is rebranded upon closing, we think SHOR will have one of the strongest brands in the hosted market, enhancing M5’s sales opportunities. In addition, SHOR’s strong channel, lead generation, technical expertise and differentiated applications will further fortify M5’s competitive position.”-  Greg Burns, Sidoti

    “Usually, when a vendor acquires another company, it causes headaches for their channel partners, who don’t like having to learn something new. Such is apparently not the case with ShoreTel and its M5 acquisition.” – Blair Pleasant, Unified Communications Strategies

    Jon Arnold also posted a terrific blog about the event including some great photos.

    I’d like to thank everyone who attended and the ShoreTel team who put on a fantastic event.  Separately, we were each the best in our business.  Our future together is exciting.  Looking for more tips about managing this new  public world!

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