Hosted Cloud UC Increasing In Popularity

    Communications are a hot topic these days among enterprises. Siloed endpoints used to be tolerated and worked around, as they were the only means of connection between colleagues and customers. But the consumerziation of IT has shown people that technology is capable of challenging limitations. Now, there is less patience with legacy systems that have not been adequately updated with cloud capabilities and channel interoperability.

    Not all organizations, however, are able to make the upgrades they need on the equipment they have now. Many landline phone systems have fallen into disrepair or are not able to be outfitted in modern ways. The solution that many organizations are turning to in these situations is hosted unified communications. According to recent research from Frost & Sullivan dictates that hosted UC is an increasingly popular option. Frost & Sullivan analyst Anand Balasubramanian told ITWire contributor Peter Dinham that he believes "the capital intensive nature of on-premise solutions limits the flexibility for organizations to adapt to the changing communication and collaboration environments." Rather than invest in an entirely new physical system, more companies are instead opting for networks that are already online and ready for them to use.

    There is a growing demand for cloud unified communications, but many organizations are struggling with obsolete equipment. The answer to this issue is commonly being found in hosted UC.

    Changing Workforce Requires Effective UC Networks

    Another interesting development created by IT's consumerization comes in the form of the remote workforce. Thanks to the cloud's popularity in personal endeavors, people are starting to expect it from their employers. Those who used to work regularly from home have been traditionally seen either as lazy - unless they had the means to create a comprehensive home office. In the present, neither of these things are generally the case. As a greater balance between work and home life is sought, more people are requiring the ability to work remotely - especially among millennials.

    "It should not be surprising that telecommuting and the remote workforce are gaining in popularity," wrote TMCnet contributor Maurice Nagle. "The only way to dispel the myths of a remote worker being a lazy, unproductive and unaccountable employee is in the results. Communication and collaboration are as easy as picking up a telephone. And, with the growth in conference call services, within seconds all team members are solving a problem - together."

    As such, companies need to invest in the kinds of tools that are going to allow them to have faith in their employees. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in cloud UC. But because not every company has systems that can easily be outfitted with these modern advancements, it may be best to go the route of the hosted solution.

    These kinds of things are especially important to remember when the number of cloud-friendly businesses is growing every day. Chances are that many top performers within your company are interested in working remotely. If they do not have the means to do so, they may look elsewhere for a job that is supported by the cloud.

    Mobile UC Market On The Rise

    These developments in cloud communications are not all just a bunch of speculation. There is a significant upward trend occurring in markets that pertain to remote communication and unified collaboration. According to an October study from MarketsandMarkets, mobile unified communications are expected to be a $17.38 billion industry.

    "With the extensive proliferation of mobile device users across the globe, the necessity for competent communication becomes essential," MarketsandMarkets wrote in a release. "Pertaining with this rise in the number of mobile workforce around the world followed by the need to be ubiquitously connected with one another for ensuring business continuity has escalated the demand for enhanced communications and collaboration techniques to be incorporated. Thus, the high extent of convenience provided by organizations to boost employee productivity and enable augmentation of business productivity has facilitated the enterprises and small and medium businesses (SMBs) to expansively consider mobile UC&C solutions within their organizations."

    Simply put, people crave mobility. They are accustomed to doing things on their own time and from wherever they want to. This is not something that should be worked against in the enterprise, but embraced. Trusting employees to work remotely and enabling them to do so is a serious way to boost job satisfaction and performance. When workers feel as though they have some form of autonomy over their schedule, you'd be surprised as to how much daily operations can improve as a result.

    Embracing Evolution

    The fact of the matter is that most existing telecom solutions don't cut it by today's standards. The way that people work is changing, and the companies that employ them must take this into consideration. In order to best support modern professionals, hosted cloud UC may be the best option.

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