Hosted communications can bring enterprise functionality to small businesses

    Small and medium-sized businesses have the potential to unlock all of the advanced telephone capabilities that large companies use if they turn to a cloud communications provider for a hosted VoIP or cloud PBX solution, Noobpreneur reported.

    According to the news source, making a serious investment of time and energy into finding the right phone plan is essential for small businesses because the communications platform is essential for lead generation, customer service and sales. However, many small businesses feel that they are forced to deal with substandard infrastructure because they cannot afford the capital costs to purchase hardware that supports more sophisticated capabilities.

    Hosted telephony systems depend on hardware that is owned and operated by a third-party vendor, turning the capital costs into an operational fee. Furthermore, the report said VoIP is capable of reducing call charges to such an extent that the fees are negligible.

    Beyond these cost-related capabilities, a hosted telephony solution also enables a diverse range of operational benefits. For example, the report said SMBs can gain more flexibility when they work with a hosted telephony provider. Through a secure online portal, organizations can completely control how many incoming calls they can accept and where they are routed. This means that companies can not only scale up or down based on how many users are available at any time, they can also ensure that an incoming call always gets to the correct destination. This pays major dividends when developing business continuity strategies, as calls can be rerouted to mobile devices or other locations if there is an outage at the company's headquarters.

    A virtual PBX solution can also help small businesses appear larger than they actually are. This can be a key marketing tactic when it comes to getting notices, as some consumers will think that organizations with just a single phone number are so small that they cannot be trusted. When the PBX is hosted by a third-party, organizations can set up numbers for different purposes and have the hardware route calls to their proper destination, creating the illusion of a larger business, according to the news source.

    Turning to a hosted telephony solution can also benefit large companies, especially those with multiple branches. Many organizations with offices in a variety of locations use VoIP and similar services to remove long distance or international calling costs. This drives significant cost savings and can often improve call quality.

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