Hosted PBX ideal for businesses on the move

    With the economic recovery continuing, albeit slowly, many businesses find themselves looking for more office space and dealing with the complexity of a move. According to a recent release from a telephony provider, turning to a hosted PBX system can simplify the move and give businesses access to more cost-effective telephony options.

    There are many reasons why a business would consider making a phone system upgrade alongside a move, the report said. The first is that traditional telecom plans often do not allow organizations to keep the same phone number if they move to a different part of a city or even farther away. Hosted PBX solutions can usually allow a company to retain its number, regardless of where it is headed.

    Flexibility is another problem with traditional telephony solutions. Cloud business phone solutions allow businesses to easily scale up or down depending on the number of users it has, making it easier to handle a move, whether it is caused by expansion or contraction, the report said.

    While a hosted PBX system is great during a move, it also offers long-term benefits. The technology eases disaster recovery issues, reduces call costs, improves elasticity and can open the door for more advanced systems, such as unified communications.

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